Mayfair Shopping Center

2013 W. Kenosha Ave.
Broken Arrow, OK
Retail: 60,000 SF

The Mayfair Shopping Center at the corner of 71st Street and 145th Avenue in Broken Arrow (also known as West Kenosha Street and Aspen Avenue, respectively) was acquired by a group of investors in 2008 with ASC leading the way. ASC began building on the mall’s reputation as a convenient office and services location with an outstanding traffic count, as well as a delightful shopping destination directly east of a Super Walmart store.

With over 20 business and sixty five thousand square feet of prime office, restaurant and retail space, you will find Mayfair Shopping Center ready to accommodate your office, restaurant, store, market or emporium. The Kenosha & Aspen intersection boasts 50,000 cars on a slow day and is sure to steer them your way. We have 30 storefront locations for you to choose from. We can build to suit your business’s needs, both large and small. We won’t be satisfied until your customers are satisfied — that’s good business.

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